Time Clock & Scheduler

Time Clock System

Any business who has employees on Payroll need to keep track of their time spent at work. We have multiple solutions for clocking employees in and out. Look at our products page to find out which solution will work best for you. We have everything from card readers and fingerprint scanners to facial recognition systems. We prefer facial recognition since the employees don't have to clock in, they just walk into the building and the system does it for them. Plus, no one can clock in for someone else. All the data will be stored onsite or in the cloud, which you can access from any machine, with the right credentials.

Scheduler, Local or Online

Our Scheduler system will allow you to keep track of every employee and what days they work, as far in the future as you'd like. Employees will be able to log into the system and see their schedule from their phone or computer. If they install the app on their phone they'll get a notification letting them know when they have to work. The system will also let you know when there's a gap in the schedule and alert you to fill the spot, weeks in advance, if nessecary.

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