Premier, Armor, Advantage

Armor Systems went out of business in 1999. The Armor Premier and Excalibur programs are no longer produced by any manufacturer but Roundtable Software purchased the source code for Advantage in 1999 and RDI purchased the software in 2014 and continues to produce the Advantage Accounting System that was started by Armor Systems. Excelsior will support you in any way we can to help you continue running the older programs.

Book Keeping and Forensic Accounting

A lot of the problems facing companies today, when it comes to data entry, is training. Regardless of which accounting system you use, we can help you train new employess. We can also help fix any issues you're already having. People make mistakes that are hard to find. Balancing General Ledger will show you there's a problem, but not how to fix it. We can go through your data and help you find where the problem is and what caused it.

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